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Teaching, Inspiring, and Empowering Your Students with Health Science CTE Programs

Comprehensive CTE Programs that will jumpstart your student’s career and education goals

Like you, we want this next generation positioned for health science CTE program education and career success.

And for nearly two decades, Kaduceus has focused on developing Healthcare Career Readiness Programs to help CTE students reach that goal.

We’ve strategically designed our program curricula to help schools support:

  • Each student’s unique learning style
  • Hybrid and hands-on teaching environments
  • District requirements
  • Ongoing development and resources for teachers

How You Teach Has Forever Changed

Hands-On and hybrid health science CTE Program solutions support the evolution of teaching and learning

10 National Certified Programs

Our Health Science CTE programs are easy to implement and hassle-free!
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Your Kaduceus Benefits Include - Teacher Training, Expert Support, Turn-Key Curricula, and More!
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A Suite of Health Science Programs

Implement the type of career readiness program that equips your students for career success and best supports the needs of your teachers and school district.

Funding Your Health Science CTE Programs with Kaduceus Just Got Better

So, how can you afford everything you need without paying for it yourself?

It’s simple!

When building a health science program for your school, you need resources to go along with it. Resources include textbooks, lab equipment, digital curriculum, test prep materials, and more.

Support When It’s Convenient for You!

We know your schedule can be impossible at times, but rest assured, we’re here for you. So, if you have questions, we have the right answers and solutions. Simply, select a date and time below to meet with an Education Consultant that best fits your schedule.

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Health Science Insights

There's a perfectly grand explanation for the boom in pharmacy tech and healthcare CTE training programs – COVID-19. Since the pandemic, we've seen a tremendous shift in how healthcare services are delivered worldwide. And although we're now living in the post-pandemic era, the need for certified vocational and high school student graduates remains high.
Can you imagine a world where career and technical education would be without limitations? One part of enhancing CTE training is having school districts make a more significant commitment to offering course availability, innovative programming, and accessibility to vital resources.
In this day and age, keeping a steady job or career can be a challenge for some, depending upon the market and industry in which they work. Fortunately, CTE programs have, once again, made their way back at the helm of high school education and training curricula. And high schools that offer career readiness training courses inevitably help set students up for immediate and gainful career success.

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