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Medical Assistant

Equipping Students for High-Demand Healthcare Service

All in One Medical Assistant

Since the pandemic, Medical Assistants have remained in high demand with faster than average growth projections, and their roles are still essential to healthcare service providers nationwide. Thus the need for medical assistant CTE programming.

For example, today’s MA continues to support physicians with routine medical exams, record patient vital signs, and explain procedures to patients and their family members.

New & Greater Medical Assistant CTE Program Demands

Because of greater demand within the healthcare industry, the workforce needs more Medical Assistants. Thus, the need for training students through a certified Medical Assistant CTE program is now more pressing than ever.

Kaduceus’ All-in-One Medical Assistant CTE Program

Our Medical Assistant program curriculum provides teachers and schools with everything they need. We’ve designed the MA essentials that help instructors prepare students for successful certification completion, from the course work and equipment to manuals and industry expertise.

Kaduceus aims to provide students with their first steps for entering a newhealthcare career, thoroughly equipped for success.

Our Goal

The Medical Assistant Program is the Perfect Fit for Students Who Love:

  • Working with physicians
  • Serving on medical staff teams
  • Helping care for patients

Your Gain

Our MA program provides the opportunity for students to:

  • Sit for the Medical Assistant Certification Exam
  • Take the EKG Technician Certification Exam
  • Gain training for the Phlebotomy Certification (For a nominal added fee)

Our MA Program Curriculum Prepares Students for Success

Kaduceus’ Medical Assistant CTE program ultimately helps equip students for an entry-level position as an MA. Highly-trained graduates can work in hospitals or other healthcare facilities in administrative or clinical settings.

Our curriculum comprises courses that prepare students with the knowledge and skills required to perform any Medical Assistant tasks in the appropriate environment. Therefore, we ensure students receive classroom and/or online instruction and hands-on clinical training to successfully complete the program.

Depending on the work environment, they can perform essential administrative and clinical duties, including:

  • Scheduling appointments
  • Maintaining medical records
  • Preparing billing and coding insurance information
  • Taking and recording patient vitals
  • Prepping patients for exams
  • Administering vaccines and medicines
  • Recording medical history information

As Medical Assistants, they play their part in ensuring the healthcare facility in which they work runs efficiently.

Considering adding MA to your CTE Program offerings? If so, we’d love to help. Contact us at 281-477-4200.

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