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From the very beginning, Kaduceus has remained committed to delivering quality service excellence to all our partnering schools and teachers. Therefore, we value their feedback and take our CTE customer stories and testimonials to heart.

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This has been an AMAZING program for our school. I currently teach Pharm Tech, Patient Care Tech and Phlebotomy. I see former students all over town working in the field after graduation. They are able to get jobs at hospitals and pharmacies and further their careers thanks to the opportunities provided through certification. It is a PLEASURE to work with this company. Very helpful, well put together, and supportive.

Kathryn Barnes

“Being in a Kaduceus program has helped guide me to pursue a career path as a biochemist.”

My Nguyen
Senior & Kaduceus Scholarship Recipient

“Kaduceus helped me establish one of the best certification programs in the city.”

Cynthia F.

“I have had many students to go through the Kaduceus program to leave off to college and become nurses, pharmacists, and administration leads in the hospital.”

E. Pierce

“I am so much more determined to be a veterinarian. The Kaduceus program gave me the hands-on training that helped me to be certain about my career choice.”

Larry Hunt

“Let me start off by telling you that when I started in this position (District CTE & STEM Coordinator), we had no curriculum; we couldn’t keep teachers, and our students wanted to revolt because they really wanted the program. But we had nothing worthwhile to offer. The school board was upset, parents weren’t happy, and I had to produce a quality program as quickly as possible.

Shortly thereafter, I’d attended a Quarterly Director’s Meeting at our regional ESC office. I was able to hear a presentation given by Claude; then, after he left, I had the opportunity to speak to all of the other CTE directors in the region and ask who’d used Kaduceus and why. I heard raving reviews from several of my colleagues in different districts- some quite large, and some small, like us (we have one high school with about 2,000 students and a district with approximately 6,000 students and growing).

After hearing all the positive reviews, I was motivated- I still researched the other avenues, but the proof of success was undeniable, so I called Claude. Now, keep in mind that I was new to the district, brand new to the position, and new to the process of establishing a career pathway that was broken but in high demand- the pressure was overwhelming! I needed information from the ground up.

Claude and the folks he works with were SO patient with me… (Read more of E. Lynn Hernandez’s, District CTE/STEM Coordinator story ) [Place drop down tab option here for those who’d like to read more.] I must’ve called them a million times to ask questions and favors, such as having them break up price quotes to satisfy our purchasing department, to personalize or individualize invoices for training. And I haven’t even begun to tell you about the countless phone calls we’ve made to Ms. Miller, who oversees our Patient Care Tech program. We still bombard her with questions because our teachers are new, and all of us are essentially learning to build this plane as we fly it.

Now, our programs are established, our teachers feel supported, and students are well on their way to certifications. I honestly couldn’t have done this without them. Even now that I’ve lived through it, I still wouldn’t attempt to make these programs happen without their input- they have been so much help. I’m so glad I got to hear Claude that day.

We currently offer Pharmacy Tech, Patient Care Tech, Phlebotomy, and now, EKG Tech. Next year, we are committing to doing the Medical Coding & Billing. And the year after (2019-2020), we will add the Veterinarian’s Assistant program (we are waiting on our facility to be built); otherwise, we would be offering it right now.

I know I’ve told you more than you were probably going to ask- and I may not have even gotten close to any of the questions that you probably still have- I will gladly answer them. I just wanted you to know that I have had a wonderful experience with them (Since 2015) and plan to continue using them as long as I am overseeing these district programs. They definitely help me do what’s best for kids (not to mention helping our district’s accountability ratings)!

E. Lynn Hernandez
District CTE/STEM Coordinator

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