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Phlebotomy Tech

Projected National Growth Rate of 22%

The job market for Phlebotomists, also known as Phlebotomy Technicians, has continued increasing demand since 2020. With a national growth rate of 22% by 2030, it remains one of the fastest-growing careers in healthcare. Most Phlebotomy Technician CTE program graduates are certified in other medical fields, like Medical Assistants and Patient Care Technicians.

Thus, their role in drawing quality blood samples from patients/donors and sending samples to medical labs for testing remains critical in supporting health services and laboratories nationwide.

Consider Implementing Kaduceus’ Phlebotomy Technician CTE Program in Your School

Kaduceus designed its Phlebotomy Technician course curriculum to help prepare entry-level Phlebotomists for the healthcare field or to further student education.

Students participating in our Phlebotomy Technician training program gain the knowledge and skills necessary to perform phlebotomy techniques correctly and safely. And overall performance requirements will include mastering a set number of successful venipunctures and finger sticks on live subjects.

So, for whom is this program ideal?

  1. Students interested in joining the workforce as a certified phlebotomist or medical assistant after graduation

  2. Those preferring to further their medical careers as:
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General Overview of Our Phlebotomy Training Program

Kaduceus’ Phlebotomy Technician training program generally offers skills development in performing various blood collection methods on patients of all ages. Subsequent course instruction includes hands-on training and clinical placements, where students learn to develop their skills in venipuncture.

Students learn:

Course topics can include, but aren’t limited to:

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