Pharmacy Technician Certification Program

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Pharmacy Tech

Training and Equipping Tomorrow's Pharmacy Technicians

Since today’s Pharmacy Technicians assist pharmacists in retail, clinical, and hospital settings, labor statistics project an average of 31,700 new positions opening annually through 2030.

Therefore, through our Certified Pharmacy Technician CTE Program, Kaduceus remains committed to ensuring that students are well-equipped to handle the added responsibilities and capacities in the 21st century.

New Positions Are Opening Annually through 2030

Offering a Dynamic Pharmacy Technician (PT) Program

Kaduceus’ Pharmacy Technician program consists of 180 hours of advanced training. This certification program aims to equip students with the knowledge, technical skills, and work habits required for an entry-level position in the pharmacy field or a related area.

Our PT program strongly emphasizes ethics, accountability, professionalism, and student commitment to pursue lifelong personal and professional development.

Kaduceus also offers an added sterile compounding (IV) certification with the Pharmacy Technician program, allowing graduates to work in a hospital pharmacy.

Our teaching techniques encourage active student participation, which may also include:

Pharmacy Technician CTE Program BENEFITS & Curriculum Coverage

Our Pharmacy Technician curriculum provides a thorough breakdown of the basic essentials deemed necessary for CTE teachers.

Your top four benefits consist of the following features.

A "Grab & Teach" Process

Making it easy for instructors and substitutes to teach using our PT curriculum.

Program Coordinator Support

Ensuring schools are supported by the most proficient and attentive industry experts working alongside CTE instructors year-round.

Hybrid Curriculum

Including both online, in class, and hands-on training hours

Program Adaptability

Enabling teachers to convey the information fluently and effectively to high school and junior college students

Our Pharmacy Tech Certification Curriculum includes, but isn't limited to, various courses like “Introduction to Pharmacy” and much more!

Kaduceus’ Pharmacy Tech Certifications

All Career and Technical Education (CTE) teachers receive National Sterile Products IV (Intravenous) Certification. And for an additional fee, students in the classroom also receive Sterile Products (IV) training before completing the course. Moreover, they’ll be eligible to take the National Sterile Products (IV) Certification Exam.

Students who successfully complete the course, and graduate, can sit for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam (PTCE).

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