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Veterinary Assistant

Meeting Today's Demand for Certified Veterinary Assistants

People LOVE their pets; and from the pandemic, we’ve seen a dramatic rise in pet ownership. Since they bring joy, warmth, and comfort to families under stress, over 11 million U.S. households owned pets during the thick of COVID-19. And with that rise, the need for Certified Veterinary Assistants (CVAs) also increased.

The career outlook for CVAs is much faster than the national average, with growth projections holding steady at 14%. Fortunately, students can receive proper training from Kaduceus’ veterinary assistant CTE program and assume the primary role of supporting veterinarians.

Kaduceus Offers Veterinary Assistant Program Certification Training for Students

Our Veterinary Assistant (CVA) training certification program is formally recognized by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA).

That recognition certifies your students have:

Our program’s national standard also ensures your CTE program teachers are trained to successfully implement the VA curriculum in the classroom.


Overall, students receive instruction in:

Veterinary Assistant CTE Program Details and Direct Benefits

The Kaduceus Veterinary Assistant curriculum provides a thorough breakdown of the course essentials. In addition, it’s a comprehensive program deemed necessary for agriculture teachers to convey the information fluently and effectively to their students.

The program’s alignment with the TVMA CVA certification exam and with TEKS for Vet Medicine are the elements that make our curriculum unique. Agricultural instructors can also utilize Kaduceus’ VA certification training to teach Advanced Animal Science and Livestock Production.

CVA Certification Information

Instructors must be certified in Agriculture Science Food and Natural Recourse to teach Kaduceus’ VA program. Moreover, students become Certified Veterinarian Assistants (CVA) through this training program.

After students complete the classroom/hands-on training portion, they’re eligible to sit for the Texas Veterinary Medical Assistant exam.

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