Foundations of Health Science Program

Introducing Students to Health Science Career Pathways
Foundations of Health Science

The "K-Way" Difference

Our Foundations of Health Science (FHS) program offers full hands-on curriculum training designed to assist teachers who teach Principles of Health Science. In turn, students have an opportunity to certify in HIPAA and blood-borne pathogens.

Foundational Knowledge Gained from Our Program Course:

Foundations of Health Science Education Meets State and National Requirements

The Kaduceus FHS Program meets the high school state requirements and national standards for any introductory Health Science course. In addition, our step-by-step, interactive program is also offered online, making implementation perfect for new teachers and temporary substitutes.

Providing Basic Foundational Knowledge and a Fresh Start!

Since FHS provides a general overview of health science and medical service technologies, your students receive solid foundational knowledge and massive benefits! Overall, this program can help guide students toward other medical career pathways within your school’s CTE system.

FHS Program Features that Keep Training Simple

Our training features and highlights for Foundations of Health Science include:


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