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Dedicated Program Coordinators Committed to Teacher Success.
Teacher Training

Dedicated CTE Program Teacher Support & Training

Partnering with Kaduceus means your school has the assurance of CTE program teacher support and training from dedicated Program Coordinators. “Having your back” throughout the school year with our industry expert coordinators is a critical aspect of our service to you!

We know educating students today can be a simultaneous venture of demand and reward. Therefore, we recognize the significance of having industry expert support as educators prepare, implement, and teach our program courses throughout each academic year.

Support from Industry Expert Program Coordinators

With each of our CTE program offerings, Kaduceus provides an on-staff Program Coordinator. Coordinators are your industry experts dedicated to assisting teachers with program implementation and technical support from start to finish.

Overall, they help manage and supervise career and technical education program implementations. They’re also regulated by the Educators’ Code of Ethics, operating by each state’s standard practice and ethical conduct requirements.


Teachers in professional growth and development through academic course planning, lesson plans, teacher guides, and supplemental course activities


In verifying and maintaining national program certification updates whenever necessary 


That all CTE curricula maintain student development of skills required for course completion and student employability


The review and selection of instructional materials and supplies for each CTE program course


Teachers receive all necessary and corresponding lab equipment and supplemental materials required for each course.


Collaborative educational efforts among teachers, school staff, and district administrators 


Overall teacher instruction enhancements and guides for all CTE health science programs


Insight on aligning and adjusting course instruction benchmarks with updated or additional state requirements and regulations

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We Provide Teacher Training Because You’re at the HEART of Student Success!

Kaduceus values career and technical education teachers because they’re at the heart of ensuring students are trained and equipped for academic and career achievement. As such, we’re passionate about our Teacher Training program services. We believe teacher success is critical to successful CTE course implementation for students and schools.

Program Coordinators conduct Teacher Training as part of CTE program teacher support that ensures and enables them to experience all aspects of our programs before implementation. In addition, we provide annual refresher courses for teachers every summer. Kaduceus’ Teacher Training and refresher courses also support professional development and can count as continuing education hours.

Teacher Support

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