Certified Nursing Assistant CTE Program

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Certified Nursing Assistant

Expected Growth Rate of Nearly 10% by 2030!

The 21-century Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) provides healthcare services for patients and residents in assisted living facilities, hospitals, and nursing homes.  Since most “Baby Boomers” have reached retirement age, the job outlook for a CNA remains steady at a projected increase of 8% through 2030.

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The Ultimate Career in Patient Care Starts with Teaching Compassion

Kaduceus’ Certified Nursing Assistant program instructs students about the vital support they’ll provide to nurses and patients in different medical facilities. In addition, CNAs offer primary care to patients in various settings, such as hospitals, long-term care facilities, and in-home healthcare environments.

Students interested in the CNA curriculum learn the general hands-on patient care duties that often include:

Certified Nursing Assistant
Certified Nursing Assistant

Preparing Students for Today’s Certified Nursing Assistant Career

Also known as Nurse Aides, CNAs have an enormous impact on the day-to-day experience of the patients and healthcare staff.

Lastly, Kaduceus continues to enhance its Certified Nursing Assistants program curriculum to ensure teachers are fully equipped to instruct and help prepare students for new 21st-century health science careers.

These days, CNAs have earned a new level of respect as their crucial role in healthcare has become even more apparent.

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CNA Curriculum Program Details

Once students successfully complete their Certified Nursing Assistant program, they qualify to sit for the CNA certification exam.

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CNA Program Details

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