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21st Century Program Funding

Because so much in the world has changed since 2020, the CTE program funding landscape has also changed. Fortunately, legislation has made it easier for schools and educators to receive much-needed support, like Perkins V, for training students. Today, you can afford everything you need from Kaduceus’ CTE curricula, supplies, and support materials without paying for it yourself!

Below, we’ve provided vital resource information for schools and teachers with opportunities to explore the top CTE program funding options now available. In addition, these options help cover the costs of accessing Kaduceus’ curricula and education resources.

Carl Perkins V Funding

The Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century Act, or Perkins V, is perhaps the prime funding source for most school districts across the U.S., and Kaduceus is a Perkins-approved CTE program service provider.

Perkins V distributes nearly $1.3 billion for CTE career and technical education programs nationwide. In addition, every state gains a portion of Perkins V funding which they, in turn, allocate to various districts statewide to help fund and support their CTE programs.

Statewide Grants and Educational Funds

In addition to Perkins V, many states offer their own grants and funding resources for CTE schools and districts. Freely select your state to explore various grants available to cover the cost of Kaduceus’ CTE Program service solutions.

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ESSER Funding Sources

– As part of the CARES Act, CRRSA Act, and the American Rescue Plan Act

Over the last two years, Congress passed three significant bills to provide roughly $190 billion in aid for school districts through the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) Fund.

Essentially, ESSER funds are distributed to State Educational Agencies (SEAs), similar to the proportion of funding every state obtains under Title-I. Once received, each state must allocate 90%< of the funds to local education agencies based upon their proportional share of Title-I funding.

So far, Congress has distributed ESSER funding in three phases:

  • Phase I: $13.5 billion, via the CARES Act, which passed on March 27, 2020
  • II: $54.3 billion, via the CRRSA Act, which passed on December 27, 2020
  • III: $122.7 billion, via the American Rescue Plan Act, which passed on March 3, 2021

Title I (ESSA) Funding

The “Every Student Succeeds Act,” or ESSA, is considered a re-authorization program of the ESEA (the Elementary and Secondary Education Act). ESEA offers opportunities for all students to prepare for college and/or careers upon graduating from high school.

In addition, Title I ESSA was designed to provide supplemental funding to schools with higher concentrations of students from low-income households. Thus, each budget would ensure that every student had the opportunity to meet state academic standards.

ESSA funding is distributed to local education agencies based on census poverty information and estimates, as well as educational costs in the state. The Education Agencies then distribute the Title I funds to the appropriate schools where data confirmed the highest need percentages.

Local CTE Program Funding Options

Teachers, CTE instructors, and schools can also utilize available local and/or existing funds to partner with and purchase from Kaduceus. However, always check with your local district to explore funding availability and options that can work for you. Such funding sources can come from:

  • District Technology Funds
  • Local Budgets
  • Student Classroom Fees
  • PTAs and Parent Organization Funds

Other Funding Options

Although it can be rare for schools to seek alternative options, some sources are available through private grants and funds. In addition, schools can use these possible options to supplement additional education needs for CTE program implementation. Such solutions can include:

  • National grant programs for CTE courses, like Grant Watch, help schools search for Workforce Development Grants by state.
  • Private funding options via education foundations
  • Crowdfunding and fundraising campaigns

We’re here to help you purchase or renew your school CTE program services with Kaduceus.

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