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All-Inclusive Lab Equipment and Supplemental Materials

Comprehensive CTE Program Turnkey Curriculum & Support Materials

Another way teachers and students benefit from Kaduceus is through our comprehensive hybrid programming. We’ve specifically designed each of our 10 CTE program turnkey curriculum with the solution of simply teaching from courses that are already prepared and ready to implement.

In an ever-changing education system, we intentionally formulated a “teacher-first” mindset in developing our program courses, considering solutions that could ease the burden of heavy, fast-paced teaching schedules.

Our CTE program solutions are:

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Whether your hybrid course is online, in-class, or includes elements of hands-on training, all you’ll ever have to do with our CTE program turnkey curriculum is teach it! Our comprehensive course curricula remove the hassle!

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Course Lab Equipment and Supportive Materials Come with our Curricula!

Another great benefit is the all-inclusive course lab equipment and supplies that come with our programs. Except for the MBC program, each curriculum offers optional lab equipment, supplies, and supplemental materials that we’ve incorporated with the training courses.

Schools and teachers may also purchase and access additional à la carte lab materials and course equipment for a nominal fee.

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