Sterile Products & Aseptic Techniques CTE Program

Helping Your Students Learn and Grow with (SPAT)
Sterile Products and Aseptic Technique

What is SPAT?

The (SPAT) Sterile Products and Aseptic Techniques CTE program curriculum, aka – IV Certification or Sterile Processing Technician training, provides students with real-world learning experiences in basic techniques and terminologies. This technical program supports Pharmacy Technician duties for IV drug preparation.

Fortunately, career projections for SPAT Technicians remain excellent due to steady population growth, aging, and increased surgical procedures where IV admixtures are needed.

Our Sterile Products and Aseptic Techniques CTE Program

Kaduceus’ SPAT training program consists of a 40-hour course, including a mini curriculum of hands-on lessons and virtual labs. In addition, Kaduceus’ Program Coordinators provide the industry expertise teachers need to guide their students toward a successful certificate of completion.


What Your Students Learn

Through our program, teachers instruct the students on:

What makes the Kaduceus SPAT training program so unique?

After curriculum completion, we confirm that students can successfully pass the summative assessments for mastery of both knowledge and hands-on skills during proctored SPAT testing. In fact, we offer in-person and virtual proctoring to ensure student achievement.

More Course Information and Certification Information

Kaduceus’ SPAT Program consists of the following:

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