Preparing CTE Students for Tomorrow’s Healthcare Industry

CTE trained student working in his career providing vaccines

Can you imagine a world where career and technical education would be without limitations? One part of enhancing CTE training is having school districts make more commitments in three areas.

1. Offering more course availability

2. Providing innovative programming

3. Offering accessibility to vital resources

Extending CTE program services and training are viable ways to help prepare students for their future careers.

Many leading education advocates and CTE program directors across the country consistently hold one common belief. They believe schools should provide programs to students over their entire educational career. Therefore, this notion means courses shouldn’t just function as an add-on during their last year or two of high school. This ‘long-term’ CTE education option offers students more work-based learning opportunities and experiences before officially entering the workforce.  

For instance, one way to extend CTE programming is to begin with guest speakers. They can come to schools to address career concerns, options, and workforce trends in the healthcare industry. As students learn they have choices to either work in a career, continue their education, or do both after graduation, they have more time to set goals. Moreover, guests coming to schools provide the opportunity for students to discover their career interests and begin developing specific skills.

Schools can use CTE programming to develop a work-based learning continuum for all students.

Each year that students are in school, they should be exposed to CTE programming in some way. For example, some courses should offer videos of real employers working in various careers. By doing so, students see them expressing their interests and conveying the realities of the job. Then, students who decide to enroll in CTE healthcare training can move further in their preparation. Programs like mentoring, job shadowing and intern or externships help students develop deeper connections with community employers and healthcare facilities. 

Since the pandemic, we’ve learned that CTE connections and opportunities for students are being shaped into new and innovative ways. In turn, students can begin to experience CTE programming without limits, which means they’ll have full support and access to work-based learning, course training, and hands-on experiences. CTE programming without limits looks like students accessing education programs that directly align with their interests. It also aligns with their passions and talents, regardless of where they are in reference to the program location. Therefore, high-quality virtual CTE programs, and the expansion of various hybrid training models, remain essential to student success. This fact is so whether they’re living in rural areas or different states.

Businesses and industries can also do their part in becoming alignment partners with schools.

Such alignments help students see potential career pathways. However, it’s only through expansive CTE programming that helps keep students connected throughout the education spectrum. Early business and community partnerships also give students a jump start on post-secondary education while still in high school.

What is CTE’s current path moving into the future? 

One thing that remains critical to the forward progression of CTE programming is our local and state legislation. Their making CTE training a foundational tool in education is crucial to career readiness. It seems like career and technical education is moving towards a path where students are exposed to more options. However, students can only be empowered to move forward with one vital solution. That is, if schools, CTE directors, and instructors can provide real-world experiences that help students affirm decisions and interests.

As we continue towards the post-pandemic era, the healthcare CTE industry remains in key position for providing communities with future, qualified, and certified care technicians. That’s where Kaduceus comes in! Our curricula will equip and help prepare your students for success and a rewarding career.

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