CTE Programs for High School Students Remain Successful

CTE programs success for high school students

In this day and age, keeping a steady job or career can be a challenge for some, depending upon the market and industry in which they work. Fortunately, CTE programs have, once again, made their way back at the helm of high school education and training curricula. And high schools that offer career readiness training courses inevitably help set students up for immediate and gainful career success.

CTE programs provide graduates with a career specialization certification while they also obtain their high school diplomas. And for those reasons, hands-on career and technical education training programs remain successful win-wins for students, schools, and the community.

Firstly, CTEs remain successful because of the increased need for graduates to enter the workforce in various fields. 

High school CTE programs are beneficial because they provide students with the hands-on training necessary to flourish in their future careers. These programs also enhance student knowledge and increase their employability levels substantially.

Since the pandemic, careers in the health and patient care fields, for example, have skyrocketed. Providentially, CTE program students can gain more exposure to “on-the-job” skills and responsibilities faster than their counterparts who choose a different path. In the end, they’re more equipped to choose a healthcare career that is compatible with their natural talents and newfound skills. 

High school graduates of CTE programs also remain competitive in the workforce because of the strong background they acquired from these training courses. That’s why employers continue to prefer them in high-demand healthcare fields in light of these unprecedented times. 

Let’s examine more numbers and stats to confirm another reason why CTE programs remain highly effective.

From 2012 to 2022, 50,557,900 employment opportunities will be available for CTE graduates. From that number, 30.9 percent — nearly one-third — will be new jobs. A recent report revealed that high school CTE graduates earn a higher salary than their counterparts who didn’t join the program.

Even more stunning is that graduates of CTEs have historically earned more than college graduates who choose similar career paths. 

CTE Programs support communities, but who supports high school CTEs?

In a survey, high school students reported benefiting from the real-life skills they acquired from CTE programs. Ironically, 81 percent of high school dropouts admitted that learning about real-world skills in school would have encouraged them to remain enrolled. Therefore, skills training is why Career & Technical Education programs are so essential to the community. 

Overall, CTEs have consistently prepared students who are interested in entering the healthcare system. Instructor support and government funding under the Perkins Act have been driving forces behind its success. The Perkins Act, for instance, remains the primary source of financial aid for CTE programs nationwide.

Furthermore, Perkins was designed for individual states and non-compulsory grantees. The Act serves those seeking secondary and post-secondary CTE program improvements in their specified areas.

Lastly, CTEs remain successful due to the endless opportunities and benefits made available for student graduates. 

The bottom line is that high school CTE programs can lead to a rise in graduation rates, career advancement, and higher salaries. High school students who graduate from these programs are also afforded extra preparation for college through mentoring by employers. So, whether they prefer to enter college to further their education or join the workforce immediately, students are fully equipped and ready to advance either way!

Participating in high school CTE programs creates a world of opportunities for students from all walks of life. Fortunately, Kaduceus is here and ready to help your high school promote student success! If you’re a CTE program director, teacher, or curriculum director who is ready to take the next steps towards success, connect with us today for more information. Call 346-275-3179 and let us know how we can help you!

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