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Ginna Wilhite
Ginna Wilhite

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MBC Certification Information

It is that time again!

Your classes should be nearing the end of their Coursework’s and preparing for certification.

  • 110 and 111 have practice exams for each area of study the students will be tested in and must be completed.
  • Please allow your students to retake any Exam they have not passed with a 75% so they qualify to sit for Certification exam.
  • Many teachers have found that printing the practice test and handing it out to the students a few weeks before sitting for certifications gives the students a wonderful review.


It is important to remember each student must receive a Certification of Completion from Kaduceus and this needs to be sent with their High School Diploma to NCCT before they will receive their certification.


Curriculum Changes and Spring Break 2023 is here!

You should be in your final coursework’s 110-112 and I want you to remember this is where we have made several changes to the curriculum.

The addition of Collection, Appeals and additional Medical Insurance Laws were added to Coursework 110 and 111. Please note that this must be completed to receive your certificate of Completion for your students.

Coursework 112 is focused on Certification Review and Resume writing etc.

Online coursework is updated throughout the year.

*** It is important that students pass all exams and complete all sub coursework to be prepared for National certification as well as working in the field as a coder and biller.



Many of you are utilizing EHRgo and finding it is a wonderful replacement for your students’ externship.

While your students will not be tested on the information learned while working in EHRgo they will receive hands-on experience and refresher material which will be useful in studying for their certification exams.

This software program allows your students access to a simulated software program EHRgo which reinforces all needed data for the CMS 1500 form, proper placement of demographic information and gathering of insurance information as well as billing, posting of payments and collections. We start by setting students up in coursework 108 and have exercises listed under sub coursework tab in each coursework.  This software is a wonderful way to use their knowledge of coding and billing while working in a software program like one they will use in an actual physician’s office.

Kelly Crowell is our contact person at EHRgo and will train you and help you get started. Please reach Kelly by email.



Coursework 112 does not have fillable guides as we have found students can use this information in the future as a resource when preparing for interviews.  The content is not needed for certification and is often used as homework for students to read and practice with their family and/or friends and can be printed and handed out for use when needed.


Renewal Time–Don’t Miss Your Early Bird Discount!

Our annual Early Bird Promotion offers 10% off for purchase orders received on or before June 1. Be sure to contact Karen for an Early Bird renewal quote today! If you are budgeting for available funds further out, please reach out for a standard quote to help in your planning.


Summer New Teacher Training Schedule

Do you know of a staff change for the 2023-24 school year?  Please be sure to download the New Teacher Training Schedule and check out additional information here. If interested,  please reach out for a training quote to start the process in reserving a spot.


Want To Explore Adding An Additional CTE Program?

If you are interested in adding a new health science CTE program you can contact me, call 281-447-4200, or click to connect with an Education Consultant today and find out which new program and package is right for you!


From Your MBC Coordinator

Wow this school year seems to be moving very fast!

I have spoken to, received text from and or emails from most of my teachers but there are a few I have not been able to connect with. Please send me a quick text 346-228-0002 or email and let me know how your classes are doing.

For ALL my awesome teachers, please remember I am always available to help with any issues or concerns you might have and available by phone or text at 346-228-0002, or email to address any questions or concerns.


Some believe there are no miracles, I believe everything is a Miracle.




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