Living The Scrub Life: Teaching Patient Care Technicians

Kimberley Hodor

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All the same great content you expect each month covering everything from teaching resources to surveys and more! We look forward to continued improvement of our ongoing support to help you do what you do best—TEACH!


What You Need To Know


Mini-Webinars Are Ongoing

Have A PICC At These Webinars From March In Case You Missed Them!

Passcode:  W6#a+&l%

Passcode: %b6+5k=$


Don’t Miss These Upcoming Webinars

May 24, 2023

  • 4pm – Ventricular Rhythms
  • 5pm – Venipuncture Practice


More information to come soon and be sure to plan to be in a location where you can practice and have access to phlebotomy equipment i.e., butterfly needles, vacutainers, holders, juice box, or arm, etc.)

If you have subject matter that you would like to have a webinar on, please let me know.


New PCT Portal Resources

  • A new PCT order form is available for equipment and supplies in the General Files tab on the Kaduceus portal website. Please use this order form going forward.


Things To Remember

  1.  Your students must make a cumulative grade of 70% in your program. Please look at your gradebook.
  2.   A 69.5% will round up to a 70% everywhere but in your gradebook. The 69.5% will not be accepted as passing. Only quizzes and tests are   taken into account for their cumulative grade.
  3.  The tests are timed; this I cannot change but if you have students with special accommodations that need more time you can print out the test   for them.  Just remember to keep all the tests you printed and send them with the attestation of completion forms.
  4.  If your classes are separated in the Kaduceus website, please send the attestation of completion forms that way as well.
  5.  You now have all new Order of Draw materials including:
    • Order of Draw Sequencing Activity & Answers
    • Test Tube and Color Reference Chart
    • Order of Draw & Rationale Chart




Renewal Time–Don’t Miss Your Early Bird Discount!

Our annual Early Bird Promotion offers 10% off for purchase orders received on or before June 1. Be sure to contact Karen for an Early Bird renewal quote today! If you are budgeting for available funds further out, please reach out for a standard quote to help in your planning.


Summer New Teacher Training Schedule

Do you know of a staff change for the 2023-24 school year?  Please be sure to download the New Teacher Training Schedule and check out additional information here. If interested,  please reach out for a training quote to start the process in reserving a spot.


Want To Explore Adding An Additional CTE Program?

If you are interested in adding a new health science CTE program you can contact me, call 281-447-4200, or click to connect with an Education Consultant today and find out which new program and package is right for you!


Kimberley’s Korner

  • The world would be an ignorant and terrible place without teachers like you! You are a blessing!
  • You have my cell number if needed–use it! Just in case you don’t have it, here it is 832-269-9422 and please don’t hesitate to call me day or night.


People You May Need To Talk To Besides Me!

If you can’t reach me for an extended period, or I’m too busy trying to figure out what people like about Peeps candy!


Your Moment Of Zen!

“If Easter says anything to us today, it says this: You can put truth in a grave, but it won’t stay there.”

– Clarence Hall

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